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To evaluate the impact of the support by NNSP and national/EU funds, it is important to monitor the community a series of bibliometric reports have been made detailing the neutron scattering community in the Nordic and Baltic countries. It finds that the size of the community is growing in some countries, but that there is a need for greater expertise and potential for expanding cooperation in the field.

In the three ”traditional” neutron-using countries: Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, the community is organized in national organizations, which are in turn participating in the European Neutron Scattering Association (ENSA) (http://www.unizar.es/ensa/ )

The national organisations can be found at:

DANSSK: http://www.danscatt.dk/
SNSS: http://snss.se/
NONSA: https://www.ife.no/en/ife/departments/physics/projects/nonsa